Cutplus radial lead cutting machine

Cutplus radial lead cutting machine

CUTPLUS radial lead cutting machine cuts capacitor leads has been designed and built to work in industries for the purpose of cutting the capacitor leads of various radial electronic components.

Watch the video below click here and find out how it works.

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CUTPLUS – Radial lead cutting machine

CUTPLUS machine was designed and built to work in industries for the purpose of cutting the rheophores of various loose radial electronic components. The Cutplus is able to cut and straighten the radial leads and take them to the client’s request.

Optional CUTPLUS

This machine, through the integration of specific options (mobile counter-blade, loader and automatic capacitor loader), allows to cut any type of radial lead (rheophores).

Video CUTPLUS radial lead cutting machine


The machine is mainly made of steel and consists of three main groups such as the base, the mechanical unit to shear and the control panel.
The base must be anchored to the workbench, through special fixing systems, on which the machine will be installed.
The control panel manages the entire machine through the PLC and the safety checks are all in diagnostics, ie before the user starts the work cycle, each safety component is checked to be present and function properly. Diagnostics therefore makes it possible that if only one safety component is not present or is not working properly, the machine cannot be started.

CUTPLUS working principles cutting capacitor leads

The machine is basically composed of three main groups. The first group is the control panel that allows the control and the setting of the working cycle through the PLC and the touch screen display; the second group is the mechanical unit to cut which, according to the type of component to be machined, can be equipped with specific options. The last group is the base that allows the anchorage of the machine on a suitable work table according to the characteristics of the machine itself reported in chapter 2 of this manual. The operator only has to start/stop, adjust the machine and load the leads to be cut. If it is equipped with a manual loader, the operator will have to manually load one single lead wires at a time, while if it is equipped with an automatic loader, the operator will be able to load several leads at a time in the appropriate container (vibrator). In addition, before machining, the operator must install the mobile counter blade and loader according to the type of wires to be machined.

CUTPLUS features and certifications

The machine is equipped with CE marking and complies with current safety regulations. In order to be able to operate, the cutting machine needs the three-phase electrical system to be connected to the mains. All the machine data are shown on the technical characteristics table. These are also present on the CE plate. The machine does not have a lighting system. In the case of maintenance operations and / or repairs located in areas and / or parts of the machine that are not sufficiently illuminated, it is mandatory to have a portable lighting system. The noise emitted by the machine has been estimated at 70 dB (A).

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