Food industry

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Food industry

The Food Industry is placed among the Manufacturing Activities.

The food sector qualifies itself, although not always clearly and unambiguously, for a number of characteristics such as:

  • standardized mass production
  • presence of automated internal handling and transport systems
  • use of machines, or simply mechanical systems, connected to form production lines
  • subdivision of the business activity into specific tasks such as administration, purchasing, maintenance, plant management, control, marketing

Therefore, everything that modern man has invented to pursue above all two objectives: cost reduction and mass consumption.

Leading sector

The Food Sector is one of the leading sectors of Italian industry that is able to combine a great food heritage of worldwide expansion with technologically advanced production processes for the various associated companies (Food & Beverage, Packaging etc.), offering solutions that range from individual components or single machines to the most sophisticated systems for bread, pasta, meat, snacks, bakery products, animal feed, etc..


UFG srl is able to respond to the most sophisticated mechanical processing required by the food industry.

Over the years, UFG  has gained considerable experience in the processing of various types of materials such as aluminum, bronze, plastic materials, and other alloys widely used in packaging and production lines.

We also offer mechanical parts such as blades and knives, perforated plates and parts for food extrusion and grinding for the food industry. Different types of used steels are AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 310, AISI D2 and others heat treated to guarantee their cutting profiles and durability.

For years we have been dealing with mechanical constructions and precision mechanical components for the food industry, such as: machines and plants for the food and beverage industry, packaging machines, packaging machines and bottling plants.

Production examples

Some of the applications implemented are:

  • Hoppers and slides
  • Rollers and wheels
  • Interchangeable components for conveyor belts
  • Sealing rings for silos
  • Heat resistant silicone sealing profiles
  • Rubber sleeves
  • Bellows and connectors
  • Straps and drive belts
  • Silicone compensator
  • Sponge rollers
  • Anti-vibration materials
  • Gaskets for food
  • Rubber and sponge profiles
  • Protections for the machine
  • Scrapers
  • Sliding guides
Production example

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