UFG srl is able to provide surface finishes with micro-blasting of metals and other materials, which consists of a process by which the most superficial part of the material is removed by abrasion due to a casting of grit from different compositions.

The mechanical engineering sectors, which are looking for ever more technological and avant-garde solutions on the finishing state of surfaces and components, thanks to micro-blasting
can deal with situations such as simple cleaning and aesthetic finishing up to more complex situations such as deburring of mechanical components or controlled shot peening treatments such as anchoring, roughness and shot peening.


The various degrees of preparation obtainable by micro-blasting of metals are: Sa1, Sa2, Sa2.5, Sa3.

In particular:

Sa 1: light sandblasting with brushing to remove easily detachable parts of calamine, rust or whatever;
Sa 2: accurate sandblasting with removal of rolling flakes, rust and other foreign particles.
Sa 2,5: very accurate sandblasting so that the lamination flakes, rust and other foreign particles must no longer be visible, at most as light colors of different colors;
Sa 3: with this sandblasting, a perfectly clean surface is obtained. Lamination flakes, rust and any other foreign particles are eliminated.


Technological processes


Machining on all surfaces requiring galvanic and / or painting coatings. The anchoring preparation is used for vulcanization or for rubber molding on metal, for galvanic treatments, for thin film coatings such as PVD, etc.



To finish surfaces making them uniform with special effects or to engrave. Matte finish, decorative finish, aged effect, glass decoration, uniformity of the surface layer, etc.



Cleaning to clean surfaces and to eliminate oxidation or residual oils from mechanical processing.



To create precision finishes and to increase or reduce the roughness of any particular.



To eliminate burrs and sharp edges subsequent to mechanical machining without deforming or modifying the shape and size of the piece.


Shot Peeling

To plasticize surface layers in mechanical parts and metallic materials. The shot peeling gives the mechanical materials in metaliic material resistance to fatigue and surface hardness on mechanical parts such as toothed wheels, shafts, shafts, etc.

Other Finishes

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