Quality control and logistics

Quality control

The constant objective of  our company is to satisfy every technical requirement of the customer.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the competence of our qualified technical staff, who is able to support and advise the customer from the issue of the offer to the after-sales service. Thanks to the continuous investment in technological instruments, we are able to certify the quality of our products. At the customer’s request, we provide UFG Quality documentation. Clarity, transparency and cooperation with its customers is an integrated part of UFG in order to improve time and the final product.




Logistics has been designed and supported in an integrated way, thanks to the use of PLM-ERP integration software, with constant monitoring of every single production order through compliance with quality certification standards.

Thanks to the perfect integration between quality and logistics we are able to face every aspect related to production, thus ensuring all the necessary service elements to the final customer.

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