ISO 9001 certification

UFG Srl has obtained the Certification of its Quality Management System in the year 2017.
The aim is to promote a common vision of the whole conformity assessment chain, in order to strengthen the value and importance of the accredited certification obtained.

ISO 9001 certification is used both in private and public sectors to increase trust in products and services provided by companies, between business partners in business-to-business relationships, in the selection of suppliers in supply chains and in the selection of participation in public notices.

ISO has developed and published the ISO 9001 standard, but does not carry out any audit or certification activity. These activities are carried out by the certification bodies, independently of the ISO. The institution chosen by UFG Srl is the TUV.

An opportunity adopted by UFG Srl to demonstrate its commitment to providing high quality goods and services documented by the company and certified by the TUV.

The purpose of certification defined by UFG Srl, an organization with a certified management system is to continuously supply products that are in compliance with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and aims to increase customer satisfaction.

To obtain compliant products, the accredited certification process of UFG Srl provides confidence that the organization has a quality management system that complies with the applicable requirements of ISO 9001.


Food Suitability

If requested, UFG srl, is able to supply articles suitable for food contact and is able to issue the appropriate certification to verify and ensure the suitability of materials and production processes for food use:

  • Italian National Legislation: DPR 777/1982 e s.m.i, DM 21/03/1973 and s.m.i, DM 174/2008 and s.m.i.
  • International Legislation: US FDA 21 CFR;
  • Community Legislation: EC Regulation 1935/2004 and s.m.i, EC Regulation 2023/2006 and s.m.i, EC Regulation 10/2011 and s.m.i;

In the production of articles for food use, UFG is able to:

  • Use only raw materials contained in the lists of mentioned legislation and with declaration of conformity to food contact.

  • Use raw materials that meet all laboratory tests as per the reported claims.

  • Use restricted substances which have been tested in suitable laboratories in accordance with the above mentioned legislation.

Of course, the application for a certificate of suitability must be requested before the required parts are manufactured. In this way we could use and design in the various phases of the production process a line suitable for the production of elements for productive use and able to receive the certification of suitability for food contact.

UFG has adopted a quality management system certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 (Cert Nr. 50 100 14060). See the certificate!

“A project is a problem for which a solution has already been planned over time”
Joseph Juran (Quality guru)

UFG srl

  • has set up an appropriate quality management system for its products and processes
  • analyzes and understands the needs and expectations of customers as well as the statutory and regulatory requirements related to its products.
  • ensures that the characteristics of the product have been defined to meet customer requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • has determined and is managing the processes necessary to finalize the expected results (compliant products and increased customer satisfaction).
  • works to prevent non-compliance and adopts improvement processes designed to:
    1. resolve any non-conformities that occur (including those of the product that are identified after delivery);
    2. analyze the causes of non-compliance and carry out corrective actions to prevent repetition;
    3. manage complaints from customers.
  • it monitors and monitors the defined characteristics of the product
  • it works to prevent non-compliance and adopts processes for improvement
  • has carried out an effective internal audit and a review process by the management.
  • is constantly monitoring, measuring and improving the effectiveness of its quality management system.

Raw material

The raw material on arrival at the site is subject to quality controls that attest to its compliance.
This process has been standardized to guarantee its customers a homogeneous product in order to make the most of CNC-controlled machinery.

Controls are performed according to the manufacturing standards of the materials themselves, such as dimensional inspection and product specifications. In evidence the constant stock of materials in the ironworks that allow us to meet the needs of rapid delivery of the customer.

Traceability of materials

The traceability of materials for the realization of the finished product has become fundamental. UFG srl can at any time satisfy the traceability requests of its customers concerning the production process, the material used and also all the external and internal processing phases of the finished product.

Controls in production

The UFG is committed to respecting the tolerances given by the customer, which is increasingly a fundamental aspect of mechanical production. This process is facilitated by the latest generation measuring instruments that operate directly in the production field.

Control report

The UFG srl, upon customer requests, carries out dimensional checks on the details in order, releasing the appropriate dimensional check report.

Thanks to the continuous investment of technological and cutting-edge measuring instruments, we are able to certify the quality of our products.

After-sales assistance

The goal of UFG srl is not only to provide the required precision machining but also to engage in collaboration, assistance and technical support provided after the shipment of the parts. We are able to propose modifications and recommendations for industrialization of the product for future supplies.


All packaging is identified by an identification label which contains all the necessary information in order to quickly monitor the storage activity by the customer.

This added value means that all items are traceable and recognizable at any time. Logistics is also prepared well in advance providing all the necessary data for shipping.

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