UFG advantages

Company policy

U.F.G. srl was founded in 1987 as a precision mechanical engineering company specialized in the production of components for machines in the industry in general, becoming partners of important Italian industries.

The experience matured over the years and the use of the most up-to-date technologies and continuous and important investments have allowed us to expand the range of products and offer a production service in the field of precision engineering increasingly qualified to meet the needs of the customer.

Custom offers

  • Answers and quotes in 48 h
  • Custom quotes
  • Support chat
  • Advice in the choice of materials
  • Customized workings and designs
  • Support in choosing the most suitable technology for the product

Green Economy

  • Check its environmental effects (emissions, discharges).
  • Reduce daily municipal waste thanks to separate waste collection (plastic, paper, organic, ECC).
  • The disposal of exhausted emulsifying oils in specific containers.
  • Decrease environmental impact.
  • Express your goals clearly whenever allowed.
  • Plan projects to achieve their goals.
  • To allocate part of the turnover to achieve the planned objectives.
  • Constantly monitor the progress of activities.


Thanks to our structure we guarantee the maximum quality with the lowest cost on the market in order to motivate the growth of our customers.

UFG offers design and consulting services on complex mechanical parts to improve quality and durability.
Thanks to the assembly department, the customer has the possibility of assembling high precision mechanical parts, and of revising high-speed spindle lines.

Partners: SKF, NSK, Deublin, Bonfiglioli, etc.

Quality check

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the competence of our qualified technical staff able to support and advise the customer from the issue of the offer to the after-sales service.

Thanks to the continuous investment of technological and cutting-edge measuring instruments, we are able to certify the quality of our products.

Clarity, transparency and collaboration with its customers is an integrated part of UFG in order to improve the time and the final product.

Technical support

The goal of UFG srl is not only to provide the required precision machining but also to engage in the collaboration for the design and / or consulting study of innovative materials and processing available to the customer.

UFG srl is able to provide the study of design and advanced engineering in the fields of automatic machines and in particular those of packaging and the electronics industry.

UFG is able to carry out every planning phase, following the guidelines to be respected for the development of the single components, up to the feasibility study.