PVD or galvanic coatings?

PVD comparison – galvanic coatings (chrome plating)

The galvanizing plating systems present very high risks for workers’ health and for their high environmental impact.

The substances used are in fact very dangerous and must be handled with great care. The costs of disposal and water management are high and it is now extremely difficult to obtain the provincial authorizations for the installation of new plants.

PVD coatings, on the other hand, have zero environmental impact when it comes to metal deposition and very limited for painting operations, actually presenting itself as an interesting alternative to the growing sensitivity towards the environment and working conditions.

As far as coated materials are concerned, PVD treatments also have clear advantages, since they can be applied to a very wide range of polymers, zamakas and glass; instead, galvanic coatings are confined to ABS and PC/ABS only.

A further advantage of PVD coatings is the chromatic range obtainable, ranging from metal effects to colored finishes.

Concerning the duration of the coating, the chrome-plating has better scratch and chipping resistance characteristics. It is therefore successfully used in very severe applications (eg car front grilles), both indoors and outdoors.
PVD treatments are instead recommended only for indoor applications or with modest outdoor use.

The chromium plating can then be performed on both very small and very large pieces (depending on the size of the tanks), whereas the PVD is limited by the dimensions of the high vacuum chamber.

In conclusion, therefore, each technology has advantages and disadvantages, to be assessed in relation to the type of product to be manufactured, operating conditions and sensitivity to environmental pollution.

UFG srl Chromium PVD
Environmental impact Very high Very low
Coating materials ABS, PC/ABS, PA PS, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, PA
Available colors Limited: substantially chrome and nickel Very varied: effects silver, chrome, steel, copper, colored in general (yellow, light blue …)
Surface resistance Great Good
Dimensions of the pieces From small to very large Small
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