Pharmaceutical and medical

Pharmaceutical and medical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is the economic sector that brings together research, manufacturing and marketing activities for human or veterinary medicines. It is one of the most profitable and economically important industrial activities in the world.


The hygiene and the unalterable nature of the pharmaceutical and medical systems depends on a correct design, on the correct use of the same and on the quality level of the materials used.

All the materials used for the products and the mechanical elements that UFG srl produces for the pharmaceutical and medical industries have:

  • surface integrity (free of porosity and continuity solutions)
  • mechanical strength (resistance to continuous and repeated impact and stress)
  • resistance to strong thermal variations
  • absence of fragile and perishable protective coatings
  • high corrosion resistance
  • excellent ease of washing the exposed surface for an effective bacterial removability and consequent reduction in the retentiveness of bacterial colonies.

Reliability and security

The reliability and safety of mechanical elements and products allow to operate in total safety and functionality. In this regard, in fact, chemically inert materials are often used for the construction of the pieces and, depending on the specific area of use, other materials can also be used.

UFG srl has production standards for the needs of our customers in the pharmaceutical and medical sector in full compliance with current regulations.

Production examples

Some of the applications implemented are:

  • Hoppers and slides
  • Rollers and wheels
  • Interchangeable components for conveyor belts
  • Sealing rings for silos
  • Heat resistant silicone sealing profiles
  • Rubber sleeves
  • Bellows and connectors
  • Straps and drive belts
  • Silicone compensator
  • Sponge rollers
  • Anti-vibration materials
  • Sponge sheets
  • Gaskets for food
  • Rubber and sponge profiles
  • Rubber cords containing detectable metal
  • Protections for the machine
  • Bumper
  • Plates


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