Mechanical Design

Mechanical design

UFG srl is able to provide the study of design and advanced engineering in the fields of automatic machines and in particular those of packaging and the electronics industry.

We are able to carry out every planning phase, following the guidelines to be respected for the development of the single components, up to the feasibility study.


The knowledge of design is realized in the design of packaging structures, automatic machines, electronic, naval and medical industries, finding in UFG an expert technical management.

UFG was designed with the precise aim of quickly identifying the most suitable planning resources for each specific customer request.

Technical study

UFG technical office provides engineering support to manufacturing companies. The working environments are: mechanics, automation, plant engineering, industrial design, construction of machines and prototypes.

The consolidated experience acquired in our mechanical workshop has allowed us to deepen in detail the various processes of realization and problems encountered in the field. This allows us to offer a wide range of skills and our tested working methods.
Today we are able to face every aspect of the study of a project with great serenity.

UFG is able to support you in the CAD design, in planning for feasibility analysis, in the choice of materials, in the choice of suppliers and in design.


First of all it is necessary to identify and know the needs of the client. All this to analyze them in its reality and then propose suitable solutions.

It starts with identifying the critical points of the project on which the study is created and research for the best solutions. Then, we proceed to a complete study of the project respecting the regulations in force with the production of construction drawings and all the documentation that requires production.


We support our customers day after day by integrating UFG team into a single team:

  •  support the technical office in the activity of projects in perfect harmony with the processes
  • develop projects in whole or in part with the company’s objectives, respecting time and budget

Merchandise sectors

  • automatic machines
  • biomedical
  • food and beverage machines
  • packaging machines
  • components for the industry
  • naval
  • petrochemical
  • wood
  • electronics

Technical documentation

The production of technical dossier is an integrated part of the design and it is a phase that evolves together with the design of the machine. UFG provides all the documentation that composes the technical dossier: use and maintenance manual, including the technical illustration, FMEA analysis up to the spare parts catalog and risk analysis. UFG carries out the technical dossier in line with the constantly evolving European standards.

The process of technical documentation

  • Risk analysis
  • Securing the machine
  • Production of the dossier
  • Presumption of conformity
  • Final analysis of the machine
  • Production of the manual
  • Standardization of common parts
  • Completion of the technical file



  • Production processes
  • Industrial plant layout
  • Lines Designer
  • Machine Engineering
  • Prototype Design
  • 3D Design
  • Drawing transpositions



Solid Edge
Open Mind

Graphic animation

3D Studio max

The various phases of mechanical design


Exploration of initial requirements

Analysis of the requirements, objectives, methods and specific needs of the client.

Definition of the phases

Identification of the critical aspects of the project, definition development phases and activity planning.

Feasibility study

Preliminary studies to identify the most suitable solutions to achieve the pre-established objectives.


Verifications and modifications

The studies are subject to scheduled examinations, carried out in collaboration with the client to meet the initial requirements

Design studio

Completion in the details and the elaboration of the construction drawings and technical documentation for the realization of the project respecting the rules in force.

Control and validation

Check the documentation for validation and delivered to production.

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