Electroplating is an electrochemical process that uses electrolysis and which allows a non-conducting piece to be covered with a metal deposit or to reproduce the shape of a non-metallic object in metal.

Electroplating means the coating of non-metallic surfaces (made conductive with appropriate treatments) with metallic layers that reproduce the geometry of the piece.

Non-conductive components (PEEK, PS, ABS, PC, PC / ABS, PMMA, PA, etc.) processed with this technology can be coated with metallic layers (gold, copper, nickel, chrome, etc.) that reproduce every detail and make conductive surfaces of the piece and greatly improve the resistance to temperature, corrosion, protection of moisture absorption, allowing the use in more aggressive and corrosive environments that would not be possible with the original plastic parts.

The electroplating provides for the laying of thin layers of metal on surfaces built with 3D prototyping system via FDM process, this process can be decorative or functional. The coating gives a rigid and moisture-resistant surface with reflective properties.


The second use of the electroplating is the aesthetic one to get a design and finishing touches with noble materials to meet the needs of the customer.

Product sectors: furniture, sports, electronic, chemical, medical, lighting.



Other Finishes


We offer coating service. The most common applications are aluminum, stainless steel and soft-touch effects, with different colors.


The mechanical sectors, in search of increasingly technological and cutting-edge solutions on the state of finishing surfaces and components, thanks to micro-sandblasting can face situations of simple cleaning and aesthetic finishing to more complex ones such as the deburring of mechanical components or controlled shot peening treatments such as anchorage, roughness and shot peening.

Other Services


Welding work. SMAW Shielded Metal Arc Welding, MIG welding ((Metal-arc Inert Gas), OFW – OxiFuel gas Welding, TIG welding ((Tungsten Inert Gas). These are some of our welding techniques.


We perform CNC milling operations with 3 and 5 axle machines to achieve any mechanical component that requires a high degree of precision. Find out all the information about our milling operations.

Automatic precision turning

UFG srl carries out CNC turning operations on metal parts and plastic components. Machining is carried out with numerical control machines with automatic loading of the bar with diameters of 1 mm to 85 mm.