Since 1987 precision mechanical engineering UFG srl - Processing Among our services we offer a whole range of workflows that allow us to meet every need of our customers: Deep drilling, toothed, milling, turning, grinding, welding, rubber coatings etc. Find out all our working TECHNICAL STUDY Mechanical Design UFG srl is able to provide an evolved engineering study in the automated machine area and in particular packaging and electronics industries Find out more DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY Finishing Techniques UFG srl provides a whole range of finishing techniques able meet all the new and high demands of the market Find out more

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UFG srl – Mechanical Engineering

U.F.G.srl was born in 1987 as a precision engineering company
specialized in the manufacture of machinery components for industry in general.
We are partners of important mechanical industries.

Feasibility study

Answers and estimates within 48 h, personalized estimates, support chat, advice on choosing materials, custom workings and designs, support in choosing the most suitable technology to your product.

Design / Production

The experience gained over the years and the use of the latest technology has allowed us to expand the range of products and offer an ever more qualified precision engineering and production service.


Thanks to the continuous investment of cutting-edge technology, we are able to certify the quality of our products. Upon request, we provide our quality certification.


Thanks to the perfect integration between quality and logistics we face every aspect of production with serenity, thus ensuring all the service elements needed by the end customer.

Free feasibility analysis service

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    UFG srl is able to provide the evolved engineering and design study in the field of automatic machines, particularly packaging and electronics industries.

    UFG is able to perform any design phase, following the guidelines to be followed for the development of individual components, to the feasibility study.

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    Since 1987 PROJECT + PRECISION MECHANICL PROCESSING UFG srl - Mechanical precision



    Expansion of the machinery

    Expansion of the machinery

    UFG srl – Machinery Expansion! A high number of machines allows even more flexible production, to meet all the demands of our customers.

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    TUV ISO-9001 certification

    TUV ISO-9001 certification

    UFG srl now also has TUV ISO-9001 certification. If you are interested in developing a new project for your business and you need to make it with the best CNC technology, contact us!

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    The U.F.G. Mechanical Precision is located in Montegridolfo (RN) , on the border between Emilia-Romagna and Marche near important industrial areas such as Pesaro, Rimini, San Marino.
    Distances: Pesaro (16km), Cattolica (17km), Rimini (35km), Bologna (145km), Ancona (102km).