Precision mechanical grinding

Grinding processes

UFG srl performs grinding operations carried out by machines called grinding machines which have as a tool a grinding wheel with different granulometers according to the types of materials to be processed.
The grinding process is used to bring any component into the shape or optimum surface area of the project: for this operation, it follows the grinding roughing which eliminates all excess residues or excess material, thus the surface finish that guarantees to the worked surface a high degree of finishing.

Machining is carried out mainly on rectilinear and circular surfaces, gears, shafts, hubs, bushings, evolving profiles, threads, special designs, etc.



Tangential grinding processes

Tangential grinding is performed on flat, continuous or discontinuous surfaces, grooves or groove joints with high precision standards. We can perform high-speed flat grinding operations up to 60 meters per minute or slow-moving. Dimensions 2500 mm per 1000 mm.

Internal diameter grinding

We perform the grinding of internal diameters from 5 mm to 350 mm, achieving excellent qualitative levels thanks to the experience gained over the years by qualified personnel by adjusting internal diameters with millimeter tolerances, sharp edges, spokes, chamfers including ensuring tolerances of form errors in the 2 micron.

External diameter grinding

For grinding external diameters with center diameters up to 400 mm with millimeter tolerances, live edges, threads, rays, chamfers, ensuring form error tolerances in 2 microns. Thanks to our machine park it is possible to adjust small, medium series with high quality standards.

Centreless grinding processes

Centreless grinding processes are performed on machines without centers of 3 to 50 mm including multi-dimensional machining and profiles with high quality standards ensuring a 2 micron error form error.




Lapping on inside diameters

We perform lapping on inside diameters from 2 to 50 mm with high quality standard Ra 0,05 micron.

Circular lapping on external diameters

We perform circular lapping on external diameters, with machining up to 200mm diameters with high quality finishing and lapping radiated shapes and shaped on different types of Ra 0,05 micron components.

Grinding processes on special materials

The company is able to work on non-ferrous materials such as anodized aluminum, yellow alloys, titanium, ceramics, tungsten carbides, chromium, nickel, polymers (polyurethane, EPDM, volcano etc.), Steel and silicon components, etc



Other workings


Welding work. SMAW Shielded Metal Arc Welding, MIG welding ((Metal-arc Inert Gas), OFW – OxiFuel gas Welding, TIG welding ((Tungsten Inert Gas). These are some of our welding techniques.

Gear cutting

With over 30 years of consolidated experience in the field of mechanical machining and gearing, UFG srl mainly produces collaboration with designers in the initial phase of the project. Our production is designed for small and medium series or micro-ring sampling, with profile to ISO standards and special-purpose profiles.

Other services


Titanium is a metallic element that is well known for its resistance to corrosion and its high strength / weight ratio. It is light, hard, with a low density. In its pure state it is quite ductile, glossy, of a metallic white color.
Titanium can be easily processed, if its physical and chemical characteristics are taken into account…

Polyurethane and rubber

Over the years we have been able to assimilate the experience required to develop and research rubber compounds for ever-increasing solutions and requirements for a wide range of materials.

Nanotechnology – PVD

The UFG srl offers among its services the coloring and decoration (PVD) of plastic parts through nanotechnology.