Electronics Industry

For years, UFG srl is a partner of important companies in the electronic industrial sector, providing assistance and design for a whole series of mechanical elements that help our customers’ needs.

Electronic sector

We are partner of important industries of the electronic sector that carry out the activity for the design and implementation of techniques and computer equipment, which have fundamental applications in the fields of telecommunications, automation, information technology, etc.


UFG srl is able to respond to the most sophisticated mechanical machining required by the sector.
As part of the applications of the electronics industry, the UFG srl has designed and produced a series of products ideal for different fields of application in the sector.

Other Services

Brass and Bronze

Brass and bronze have such a wide range of applications that only a general list can be made of them: electricity, trucking, marine industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry, construction, furniture, etc.

Thermosets materials

Processing and molding of thermosetting materials. Through the graph you can identify the thermosetting material most suitable for working temperatures.