Assembly and industrial premontage


Industrial assemblies

The UFG assembly unit is made up of italian highly qualified staff who is in charge of assembling third-party or pre-assembly complete sets, thus assuring the benefits of external mounting.

The advantages

Production flexibility
Economic benefits
Higher quality

Mounting on behalf of third parties

UFG is responsible for third-party assembly for all product sectors and industry in general. We work with experience in total or partial assembly of products.


  • Assembly of automatic machines
  • Assembling of electromedical machines
  • Assembling of production lines
  • Assembling of food machines
  • Assemblies for industry


Pre-assemblies complete groups

We can handle small, medium or large orders by assembling mechanical parts, oleodynamic parts, pneumatic parts, electromechanical components, and so on.
Each assembly is developed according to customer specifications.

  • Partial assembly of components or groups
  • Complete assembly of finished products
  • Complete order management
  • Processing and adjustment
  • Quality control of the products to be assembled
  • Quality control and testing
  • Storage of components
  • Supply of commercial materials

Adjustment machining

Thanks to our continued investment in equipment, our structure can recover post-process components with machining defects by performing small machining or adjustment work on parts to be assembled.
This autonomy allows you to have rapid assistance in case of productive emergencies by unlocking activities that could hinder the production and execution of the job.

Adjustment and repairs

  • Mechanical processing in general
  • Weding
  • Finishing and painting

Control and quality

The qualitative control of assembled components and assembled products is a standard procedure applied to each customer. Upon request we can perform tests and issue certificates of conformity before delivery of the order.

Other services


Titanium is a metallic element that is well known for its resistance to corrosion and its high strength / weight ratio. It is light, hard, with a low density. In its pure state it is quite ductile, glossy, of a metallic white color.
Titanium can be easily processed, if its physical and chemical characteristics are taken into account…

Mechanical Design

Thanks to our experience and knowledge on the precision mechanical work carried out over the years, we have developed our technical and design study that today, thanks to the continuous investment of increasingly performing CAD software, is able to offer the design of complex mechanical organs.


The mechanical sectors, in search of increasingly technological and cutting-edge solutions on the state of finishing surfaces and components, thanks to micro-sandblasting can face situations of simple cleaning and aesthetic finishing to more complex ones such as the deburring of mechanical components or controlled shot peening treatments such as anchorage, roughness and shot peening.